How Does Someone Keep Birds Off the Patio?

There are a few methods one can use to keep birds off the patio, such as bird spikes, visual devices, sound deterrents, motion activated water sprayer and bird repellents. Visual devices are a simple way to deter birds from perching on patio furniture or lawn. Some visual devices can be an owl, a moving spider or a bird repelling balloon.

One can place a device like a balloon or moving spider where a few birds tend to congregate near the patio. This can be fences or trees. Birds may see these objects as scary and leave. However, if its an established large group of birds that congregate near a patio, then these devices may not be effective.

Other devices to use are sound deterrents or bird spikes. Strips of plastic or stainless steel spikes placed along the surfaces near a patio where birds like pigeons may perch can be a deterrent. One can also place these devices along gutter if birds perch there.

Sound deterrent devices can include ultrasound, loud sounds or distress sounds. Another alternative is a motion activated water sprayer. One attaches a garden hose to this device and when its sensor detects movement it sprays water.

Bird repellents are another option used as deterrents for birds. These can be non-toxic gels or granule repellents placed on areas like gutters or ledges near a patio. Taste aversion repellents are another possibility if one has plants, shrubs or flowers in the patio area. Spraying the repellent around them can keep birds from causing damage.