How Does Someone Install a False Ceiling?


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A false ceiling can be installed by nailing up the wall angle, using fence staples to hold the angle, adding the entire ceiling using fingers as a depth gauge and repairing ceiling panels with flat latex caulk. A false ceiling is also known as a drop ceiling or a suspended ceiling system.

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There are several advantages to hanging a false ceiling instead of hiring a professional to drywall and finish the ceiling. The false ceiling or suspend ceiling installation is a much less expensive and a much less messy process. It is also a process that does not require a significant level of expertise, so it can be done by almost anyone with the proper tools and will not need to be hired out. It is also much easier to access plumping in the ceiling at a later date if the ceiling is turned into a false ceiling instead of sealed via a drywall ceiling finish.

One of the most important steps in creating a false ceiling is creating a sketch and blueprint for the project. Sketching and measuring the ceiling will allow the person to position the ceiling grid in the best possible manner while also letting them know what materials they need. The room should either be bisected at the center with a main tee or a centered row of tiles.

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