How Does Someone Grow Basil Indoors?

How Does Someone Grow Basil Indoors?

To grow basil indoors, choose a sunny location near a window, plant the basil in a container that facilitates adequate drainage, apply a high-quality potting mix and maintain appropriate humidity. Basil plants grow best outdoors, but indoor plants can flourish in cold climates.

Most basil plants are started indoors before the last frost. Keeping them indoors after they grow requires attention to the indoor environment.

  1. Select a location
  2. Windowsills and other locations that receive natural light are essential for basil health. Avoid windows that face the north because they do not receive adequate sunlight, and position the plants far enough from the window so the leaves cannot make contact with the glass.

  3. Use an appropriate container
  4. Containers with plenty of drainage are necessary to grow basil indoors. Select a pot with holes in the bottom and a tray underneath so water can seep through the soil. If basil plants are kept too saturated, they will not grow properly.

  5. Apply good potting mix
  6. A high-quality potting mix facilitates drainage and keeps the plants fertilized. Avoid fertilizer with harmful chemicals if the leaves will be used for cooking, because they can be harmful to human health.

  7. Monitor humidity levels
  8. Basil plants like humid weather, so keep the soil moist. Indoor environments can become dry, especially when air conditioners and furnaces are running. Misting the leaves every few days also improves humidity levels around the plants.