How Does Someone Clean a Whiteboard?


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There are several ways of removing stubborn marker scribbles, stains and smudges on a whiteboard; the methods involve the use of different cleaning agents such as acetone, alcohol, vinegar, baking soda and even markers themselves. Whiteboards tend to become darker over time, even when the proper markers are used.

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The following shows ways of removing marker stains from whiteboards:

  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. This cleaning method is ideal for impromptu presentations if a hand sanitizer is the only alcohol-based cleaning solution available. Squeeze a bit of hand sanitizer on a piece of paper towel and apply on the stained portion of the board. Let the sanitizer sit for about a minute before wiping it off, along with the marker stain.

  3. Acetone, rubbing alcohol, greased lightning, whiteboard cleaner
  4. Use any of the cleaning agents on this entry in a well-ventilated area, just in case it gives off fumes. Apply to the whiteboard and clean off with a soft cloth.

  5. Water and vinegar
  6. Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar per 1 cup of water. Apply the solution to the whiteboard and wipe off with a soft cloth. Repeat as needed.

  7. Baking soda
  8. Mix baking soda with water until it takes on a paste-like consistency. Rub the paste on the board and then wipe off with paper towels or a soft cloth.

  9. Toothpaste
  10. Rub non-whitening toothpaste on stubborn marker stains and then brush off with a soft toothbrush.

  11. Temporary marker
  12. Apply temporary marker liberally to a stubborn stain and then clean off immediately with an eraser. This will help re-wet dried markers stains and thus make them easier to erase.

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