What Are Some Homemade Solutions That Kill Bed Bugs?

Viable home solutions to kill bed bugs include filling a vacuum bag or lint cup with 1/4 cup of borax or boric acid and vacuuming the entire house thoroughly; using the hottest water possible to wash clothing, pillows and all washable items; and drying the clothing on a very high but safe setting. Additionally, clean all solid surfaces, including floors, cabinets and headboards.

Use mattress and box spring covers that fully seal mattresses, to trap bedbugs completely. Because bedbugs are capable of living up to a year without feeding, it may take a long period to eliminate the bedbugs sealed inside the covers.

When vacuuming up bedbugs, use the crevice tool to target narrow spaces and corners. Vacuum all possible areas, including carpets, furniture and areas beneath beds. Seal the vacuum bags in plastic bags to dispose of them properly.

If bed bugs persist, purchase dusts and sprays that are safe for home use. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully, use a protective mask when applying the pesticides, and avoid using the products if children and pets are inside the house. Apply three times to affected areas, waiting for 10 days before reapplying.

Check for signs of bed bugs each week, to eliminate the problem. Seek help from qualified bed bug exterminators if the problem continues. Professional exterminators use cleaning methods, pesticides and heat treatment to eliminate the bugs.