What Are the Best Solutions for Easy Removal of Wallpaper?


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Softening wallpaper first with liquid detergent, water and cellulose paste helps wallpaper to peel away more easily. Failing this, fabric softener can help to remove wallpaper, and chemical strippers can be bought to assist with removal of wallpaper that has been painted.

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Removing wallpaper is easier if it is softened first. Leaving a solution of cellulose paste, water and liquid detergent on the wallpaper for at least five minutes softens the wallpaper, making it easier to pull it away from the wall. After a period of five to 10 minutes, pull the wallpaper from the seam at an angle with a scraper, and the wallpaper should peel back without much effort. Scoring the wallpaper with an old dinner fork first enables the liquid to penetrate the wallpaper, softening it more effectively. If this does not work, a mixture of fabric softener and water left on the wallpaper for 20 minutes softens the paper and helps it to slide from the wall. If the wallpaper is water-resistant, score the paper first so the solution sinks into the paper.

If the wallpaper is painted, it can be harder to remove. Chemical wallpaper strippers, such as the one made by Polycell, penetrate the paint and wallpaper and dissolve the adhesive, making wallpaper easy to remove. Although steaming wallpaper from the wall is an option, doing so can damage the wall's plaster.

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