How Do Solar Swimming Pool Pumps Work?


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Solar swimming pool pumps circulate water through a filter and then through a solar collector, where the water is heated. The pump then returns the water to the pool via a flow control valve.

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Some solar pool heating systems only use one solar collector, while others use multiple. Solar collectors are also used to decrease the temperature of pool water in hotter environments. Aside from the collector, in general, solar pool heating systems contain a filter, pump and flow control valve. The collector heats water using the sun, the filter removes any debris from the water and the flow control valve transfers water to the pool either manually or automatically. In automatic systems, sensors detect whether or not to divert heated water to the pool.

Solar pool collectors can have a glass covering or not. A glassed collector is considered glazed while an un-glassed one is referred to as unglazed. They are commonly made out of heavy-duty rubber or plastic that has been treated with a UV light inhibitor. In general, unglazed collectors are less expensive, but they are still used in indoor pools in colder environments, for example. Glazed collectors typically feature copper tubing with an iron-tempered glass covering and are more expensive.

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