What Is Solar Screening?

What Is Solar Screening?

Solar screening is a type of screening that allows view-through from the inside out but provides heat and sunlight management. Solar screens are designed to keep sunlight out, protecting things such as carpet and furniture from fading and keeping the temperature down inside the home.

Solar screening comes in a variety of styles and colors. Darker colors provide glare control and filter out up to 95 percent of visible light. Dark-colored screens provide higher solar absorption and lower visible light transmission than screens made from lighter fabric.

Light colors reflect heat rather than absorb it. Lighter-colored screens allow more light into a room and block up to 90 percent of visible light. These are perfect for those who prefer to allow in more natural light without having the room heat up.

When choosing solar screening, the solar transmittance as well as the solar absorption and reflectance should be taken into account. The screens' density should also be considered.

Solar screens lower the risk of sun damage and skin cancer by blocking out the sun's harmful rays. Darker shades block up to 99 percent of the UV rays that cause skin cancer and lessen the instance of premature aging. Solar screens allow the homeowner to raise or lower them to any level, allowing sun to enter the home in the winter if desired.