What is a solar roof vent?


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A solar roof vent, also known as a solar roof fan, consists of a solar-powered fan that brings air out of the attic and ventilates the entire house. Solar roof vents are inexpensive to install and can save money by decreasing the air conditioner���s workload.

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A solar roof vent runs completely from the sun���s energy being absorbed by the solar panel at the top of its vent, so no electricity is needed. Some of the most well-known brands for solar vents and attic fans are SolaTube, Attic Breeze, Natural Light and Sunrise Solar.

In hot weather, solar roof vents remove hot air from the attic and lower the temperature of the house. This makes a house more comfortable during hot weather and also protects the attic���s stored items from heat damage.

Solar roof vents are environment-friendly and create no harmful by-products. By reducing the amount an air conditioner needs to run, they also decrease carbon dioxide and other emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Some buildings may not gain much benefit from a solar roof vent due to the location of the house or the position of the vent. Solar roof vents do not work well in cloudy or shaded areas.

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