Do Solar Panels Need a Lot of Maintenance?


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Solar panels require little maintenance as they don't have moving parts and are made with materials capable of withstanding rough weather. Monitor energy production of the system to check for problems. Inspect the panels a few times a year to check for dirt and debris. Solar panels become dirty faster in arid and highly contaminated areas, reducing electricity production, as the debris blocks out the light hitting the solar panels.

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Do Solar Panels Need a Lot of Maintenance?
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To clean solar panels, use a sponge and soapy water, and rinse them with a garden hose in the morning or the evening. Don't spray cold water on hot panels as this may cause them to contract rapidly and crack. An alternative useful for arid areas is to install automatic cleaners. These devices work like sprinklers and are fully programmable for unattended cleaning.

Snowfall doesn't pose a significant problem for solar panel maintenance and production. Snow accumulated on panels melts and falls by itself, so manual removal is not necessary. Panels must be installed at a minimum 15-degree angle to assure snow falls effectively.

Safety considerations depend on the location where the panels are mounted. If the panels are too high to reach with a ladder, call a professional to clean them.

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