What Is Solar Film?


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Solar film is a tinted material used on windows that helps to regulate heat gain and loss by blocking ultraviolet rays from the sun. It’s lightweight and typically made of nonadhesive vinyl. Available in an almost invisible material or with a colored tint, solar film allows a varying degree of natural light to penetrate.

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Solar film is an economical window treatment as it is relatively inexpensive to buy and helps to reduce home heating and cooling expenses. Available for purchase online and from home improvement stores, small rolls of solar film typically cover one or two windows and are less costly than solar window drapes, blinds or shades. Many types of solar films are convenient to install and are easily removed simply by peeling the film from the window. However, professional installation may be required for other types of solar films that use an adhesive. These films are also more difficult to remove due to the adhesive.

Newer types of shiny solar film reduce indoor lighting needs and help to illuminate a room. This type of film is beneficial in hot climates as it reduce passive solar heat gain. Darker solar film is ideal in colder climates as it helps to transfer heat into a room by retaining heat as it absorbs the full light spectrum. However, darker films also increase indoor lighting needs.

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