What Is a SodaStream Carbonator?


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SodaStream is a device which dissolves pressurized carbon dioxide gas into a liquid, allowing users to make fizzy sodas at home. Users may purchase pre-mixed flavored syrups in sugar-sweetened or sugar-free varieties, or they may create their own homemade soda flavors using a wide variety of different ingredients.

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The SodaStream carbonator uses proprietary carbon dioxide cartridges sold by the manufacturer to provide the fizz in drinks. Users fill the provided water bottles with plain water, connect the cartridge to the machine, screw the bottle into the SodaStream then press a button to begin the carbonation process. Once the water is carbonated, it can be poured into glasses with flavorings added. According to the manufacturer, users should not attempt to carbonate flavored water or add flavorings directly to the water until carbonation is complete; this avoids the risk of clogs and damage to the machine.

Users can control the amount of carbonation in their homemade sodas. This can be useful for creating drinks with different taste experiences since lighter, citrus-based drinks can benefit from a light fizz while heavier, caramel-based sodas take well to a higher carbon dioxide content. Care should be taken not to over-carbonate water, however, since every dose of carbonation increases the pressure inside the provided water bottles.

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