How Do You Find Sod for Sale Locally?

How Do You Find Sod for Sale Locally?

To find sod for sale locally, check with the local garden center, talk to neighbors, or ask a contractor for advice. Locally grown sod is less likely to introduce invasive species and pests than is shipped sod.

The local garden center is a good source for finding local sod. Contact the center and ask about the type of sod that is available and how much it costs. Avoid centers that ship in sod from other regions because this can significantly increase the price. Find out if there are minimum quantity requirements before ordering to avoid waste.

A good contractor should know where to find local sod. Some contractors may require an incentive such as giving them the laying job before offering advice.

Talk to neighbors who have ongoing projects or who have the kind of sod you want. Ask where they bought the sod and how much it cost. They may also be able to offer advice on how to get the best out of your project.

Get accurate measurements of the project area to get a good price estimate and buy the right amount of sod. Sod is typically priced per square foot, and prices can vary depending on the specific type of sod.