What Is Snowblowing?


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Snowblowing is the act of using a machine to remove the snow from a road or driveway. Some homeowners prefer snowblowing instead of using a snow shovel.

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The first snow blower was invented by Arthur Sicard in 1925. It was a four-wheel drive truck with chute and blower parts attached to the front. This invention allowed the operator to "throw" snow more than 90 feet away from the truck's path. It could deal with both soft and hard snow. In 1927, Sicard sold his first unit in the town of Outremont. He named it the "Sicard Snow Remover Snow Blower."

Today's "walk-behind" snow blowers look more like lawn mowers, and operate similarly. There are gas and electric versions, each developed to make snow removal a smooth process.

Shoveling snow requires the operator to be in shape and have a strong back. This activity is known to trigger heart attacks. While snowblowing requires only walking, pushing and steering, it can still have an effect on the heart. This is especially true when using one of the heavier snow blowers.

Snow blowers can be expensive and require maintenance work as well as adequate storage space for the next snow season. Snow blowers are designed to work on snow rather than slushy ice, which could cause operational problems.

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