How Are Snow Scoops Different From Shovels?


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A snow scoop is a shovel with sides and a stroller-style handle that enables a user to slide the blade's cutting edge under the snow and clear a pathway without any bending or heavy lifting, whereas a snow shovel requires a user to perform a digging, lifting and twisting action to clear snow. Snow shovels normally have a single central handle and resemble a garden spade but often have wider blades.

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Some shovels, such as the Garant sleigh snow shovel featured on AceHardware.com, are more like a snow scoop in appearance and use. Customers describe using the Garant shovel to cut through and scoop up the snow before tipping out the contents into a pile as if emptying a wheelbarrow.

HomeDepot.com features a Nordic Plow shovel that resembles a snow plough and operates as a push shovel. Users can adjust the blade angle to push the snow to one side. HomeDepot.com and AceHardware.com also feature snow shovels with blades up to 25 inches wide, collapsible snow shovels suitable for carrying in a car trunk, and ergonomic snow shovels that are designed to reduce the stress on the user's back.

Kaufman's snow scoop is available online and from the company's outlet center in Mercer, Wisconsin. Gardena's snow scoop distributor is based in Ontario, Canada.

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