How Do You Snake a Toilet?

How Do You Snake a Toilet?

Snake a toilet with a toilet auger by pulling the auger handle all the way up, so the cable is inside the plastic housing, and then pushing the plastic housing into the toilet bowl. Turn the handle to push the cable into the drain. Remove the cable, and flush.

  1. Prepare the toilet auger

    Put on a pair of gloves, and pull the handle at one end of the auger to retract the cable into the plastic housing. This keeps the cable from scratching the toilet bowl.

  2. Push the auger head into the toilet bowl

    Push the curved end of the plastic housing into the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl.

  3. Turn the handle to force the cable through the pipe

    Hold the plastic housing with one hand and the auger handle with the other. Rotate the handle to move the cable into the pipe. If the cable gets stuck, reverse the handle for a few turns. Continue until the cable is fully extended.

  4. Remove the cable

    Pull the plastic housing to slowly draw the cable out of the pipe.

  5. Flush the toilet several times

    Flush the toilet. Let the tank refill, and flush again. Repeat a few more times to ensure the clog is completely gone.