How Do You Snake a Drain?

How Do You Snake a Drain?

How Do You Snake a Drain?

Unclog a drain using a plumbing snake by removing the trap, inserting the snake into the drain until it hits the obstruction and twisting the snake to remove the material from the drain. Reassemble the trap, and check the fixture to ensure it drains.

  1. Remove the trap

    Use a cup to remove as much water as possible from the fixture. Locate the trap under the sink. Place a bucket under the trap to catch any water that might spill. Remove the trap to provide access to the drain. If a cleanout is available, it is sometimes possible to clear the drain through it without removing the trap.

  2. Insert the snake into the drain

    Insert an appropriately sized snake into the pipe where it enters the wall. Turn and push the snake forward until it contacts the obstruction.

  3. Twist the snake

    Continue turning the snake and pushing it forward to clear the drain. Pull the snake back out of the drain, using caution as you withdraw the end as it sometimes pulls the obstruction back through the pipe.

  4. Reassemble the trap

    Connect the trap to the wall and fixture. Turn on the hot water, and allow it to run several minutes to wash away any remaining debris and to ensure the fixture drains freely.