Are There Any Smoothie Machines That Can Be Used to Crush Ice?


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There are many smoothie machines that crush ice, frozen fruits and pulverize nuts. Ice crushing is an option that most smoothie machines have, as of 2015. Adequate performance between those that do crush ice is often the deciding factor when purchasing a smoothie machine.

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High-end smoothie makers can have up to 1,380-watt motors, while low-end machines range from 650-watts to 700-watts. The higher the wattage, the more likely ice gets crushed to a smooth consistency. Low-wattage smoothie machines crush the majority of the ice but may leave medium-to-small size ice chunks in the drink. Another key factor is pricing when deciding which smoothie machine is best for crushing ice. Low-end units can be as low as $20, while high-end units can get up to $600, as of 2015.

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