How Do You Smoke a Pork Butt in the Big Green Egg?

A pork butt, seasoning, smoking wood, wrapping liquid, charcoal, the Big Green Egg and about 9 hours are needed to properly smoke a pork butt in the Big Green Egg. The Down and Dizzy seasonings make a tasty rub for the pork butt, but any recipe works.

Following the recipe below, the end result delivers a delicious and tender pork butt.

  1. Prepare the pork butt
  2. Trim the fat and any silver skin from the pork butt and generously shake coarse salt on all sides. Cover the pork with a seasoning or dry rub of choice, pressing the rub into the meat with the palms of the hands. Allow the rub to melt into the meat for 20 minutes.

  3. Prepare the Egg
  4. Use a small amount of charcoal to start the fire in the Egg. Once the charcoal reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit, add wood chunks and then cover with more charcoal to fill the firebox. Add the convEGGtor with legs up and drip pan in place to catch drippings and place cooking grid on the legs. Stabilize the Egg at 250 degrees F, and wait until the smoke becomes thin with a light smoky aroma.

  5. Cook the pork butt
  6. Place the pork butt on the grid inside the Big Green Egg with the fat cap down. Cook for eight hours or until there is a crisp, caramelized crust on the meat. Double wrap the meat in aluminum foil with wrapping fluid and preferred seasonings. Return the pork butt to the Big Green Egg and cook until the meat reaches 200 degrees F. Let rest for at least an hour before shredding or slicing.