What Is SmartVent Roof Ventilation?


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SmartVent, manufactured by DCi Products, is a rigid, corrugated plastic product that can be placed anywhere on the roof, underneath the shingles, to provide ventilation for the roof and attic. This product allows the roof to breathe better, which may lead to a longer life for the asphalt shingles.

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According to the manufacturer, the product is easy to install and was designed to solve common problems with standard roof ventilation. SmartVent is placed along the edge of the soffit or the dormer rakes to provide maximum ventilation to the ridge vent. The tapered product allows cooler air to pass under the shingles through the one-inch cut in the roof and to exit through the ridge vent. To install, the SmartVent pieces can be cut with a utility knife and secured to the roof with a nail gun.

SmartVent can also be placed on the off-peak, mid-roof, eaves, valley and shed-wall to provide ventilation anywhere else it is needed. From the ground, it is nearly impossible to spot the vents on the roof.

This roofing product is suitable for all climates. It has passed the New England Ice Damming Test, as well as the Dade Country Hurricane Test. The vents contain Fabric Weather Guard, a proprietary technology, to prevent snow, wind and rain from entering the SmartVent opening.

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