Are Small Tractors Really Useful?


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Small tractors can be very useful, especially for novice farmers who may lack experience with farm equipment, because they are cheaper and easier to operate and maintain. A tractor is basically a machine designed to pull big and heavy loads, and each is equipped with a large and powerful diesel engine.

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Tractors come in various sizes, and the best selection depends on the purpose for which the equipment is needed. In case of tillage, the choice of tractor is determined by the amount of land being worked. For instance, if the purpose is to mow grass on a relatively small, flat, level yard, a riding mower is the appropriate machine. Conversely, if one needs to plow a field, bale hay, pull stumps or share implements with the neighborhood, a more powerful machine is required.

There are typically two types of garden and lawn tractors: light duty and heavy duty. A light-duty tractor is generally much less expensive to purchase, requires little maintenance, is made of plastic and sheet metal and is belt-driven. In addition, most of its parts are designed to last for only a short period of time. One shortcoming of light-duty tractors is that many failures can’t be repaired. Heavy-duty tractors, on the other hand, are usually expensive to purchase, require a lot of maintenance and are often based on a steel frame. These tractors have long-term parts that are designed to last several years, subject to proper maintenance.

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