What Are Some Small Refrigerators With Large Freezers?

Some small refrigerators with large freezers include the Keystone refrigerator with model number KSTRC312CB and the EdgeStar fridge with model number CRF321SS. Both are compact refrigerators with separate areas designated for the freezers. Many compact refrigerators, such as the Kenmore fridge with model number 99783, don't have separate sections for the freezer, just small compartments built into the refrigeration section of the unit.

The Keystone refrigerator features a reversible door and a recessed handle for even more space. The refrigerator also has adjustable legs, two glass shelves and a vegetable crisper drawer in the refrigeration section of the unit. This model includes a built-in canned beverage storage section. It's compact size makes it a good choice for offices and college dorms, according to Amazon.com.

The EdgeStar refrigerator features a stainless steel design for easy cleaning. The unit has a true zero-degree freezer, and the doors on both the freezer and refrigerator sections are reversible. The refrigerator section features an automatic defrost setting, and the freezer section offers a manual defrost option. The unit is easy to clean because of its slide-out shelves. The unit is rated by Energy Star and uses more efficient refrigerant than EdgeStar's previous model CRF320SS. This refrigerator also comes with a limited 90-day warranty for labor and a one-year warranty for parts.