What Are Some Small Kitchen Design Ideas?

small-kitchen-design-ideas Credit: Christy Ramsey/CC-BY-2.0

A good kitchen design aims to maximize available space while not making the room feel overcrowded. This efficiency is usually achieved by building up or down with cabinets, opening the kitchen up so that it flows into adjacent rooms, and eliminating unnecessary appliances and surfaces. Paint and lighting adjustments don't add space to a kitchen, but they can produce the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.

Space is at a premium in a small kitchen, so any design plans must address not only the appropriate sizes for appliances, cabinets and countertops but also which elements of the kitchen can be removed altogether. Dual ovens, separate oven tops and large islands usually can't fit in a small kitchen. An over-the-range microwave frees up counter space and eliminates the need for a range hood. Side-by side fridges are better for small kitchens because their doors don't need as much space to swing open.

Tall cabinets are a must in a small kitchen. Any empty space above cabinets is lost space that could store kitchen items. Cabinets in a small kitchen should extend as high as they can. Similarly, drawers and under-the-counter cabinets need to make use of all available space by reaching to the floor.

Bright colors on the walls, the cabinets and the countertops make small kitchens feel bigger. Light blue, canary yellow and lavender are soft colors for walls. White and light green are good colors for cabinets. Avoid dark countertop, colors, and opt instead for light granite or soft colors such as grey, blue and white.