What Are Some Small Flag Holders?


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Mini flag stands, classroom brackets, finger brackets, mailbox brackets and bicycle finger brackets are a few small flag holders. Flag stands work best for desk or shelf displays and centerpieces. Brackets are suitable for wall, fence or bicycle displays.

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Mini flag stands display a single stick flag or several, depending on the model. Models that hold 193 flags are available to display United Nations stick flags. Also available are stands that hold 51 flags, one for every state flag, plus the District of Columbia. For collectors of Organization of American States flags, 36-hole models are also available. Walnut mini flag stands work well in formal offices, while gold or black models look more like the stands used for full-sized flags.

Steel or aluminum classroom brackets display stick flags indoors or out, and they hold the flag at an angle against the wall. Finger brackets are similar, but hold more than one flag in a fan shape. Finger brackets work best for displaying several flags on a wall, fence, or mailbox post. For military memorials, finger brackets are a good choice to display several flags at once.

Adhesive mailbox brackets hold flags with 5/16-inch diameters securely to the side of mailboxes with smooth finishes. Bicycle finger brackets hold up to five flags on the handlebars of a bicycle. The mount is adaptable to other small vehicles, such as shopping carts or strollers.

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