What Are Some Small Entryway Ideas?

What Are Some Small Entryway Ideas?

An entryway can be a separate room, or a distinct space within a larger room. If the entryway is not a separate room, use an object such as an area rug, a floor lamp or a small table to create a distinct space. Consider using a different color of paint on the wall to distinguish the space further.

Before adding any furniture, consider how the space is to be used. If the entryway is used by many people children or pets, the design should reflect this. Make sure that there are adequate and convenient storage options for people to use.

Consider furniture that has several functions to save space. For example, some benches have shelves or space for fabric storage bins underneath. A narrow table may have space for a shoe rack below, or may have space for a stool to nest underneath.

Make sure that there is a space for everything. Find a table with several small drawers, so that each family member has a place to put his keys and wallet. As an alternative, place several attractive bowls or baskets on a shelf or table to serve a similar purpose. If children use the entryway, give each child a designated coat hook at the proper height.

Finally, choose a few decorative objects to make the space more attractive. A painting, a wall sconce or a large mirror can be a stylish addition to an entryway.