Where Are Small Bulldozers Sold?

Where Are Small Bulldozers Sold?

Small bulldozers are sold from a variety of sources, including online retailers such as Northern Tool + Equipment and the Struck Corporation. Manufacturers such as Caterpillar provide online dealer locators, and equipment retailers also sell new and used small bulldozers through online classified advertisement at such sites as MachineryTrader.com and EquipmentTraderOnline.com.

Northern Tool + Equipment sells the NorTrac 35XTD 35 HP Bulldozer, which has a four-cylinder water cooled diesel engine, directly from NorthenTool.com. The site also offers the same bulldozer with an attached backhoe.

The Struck Corporation sells the Magnatrac RS1000 and Magnatrac MH8000. The RS1000 is a super compact tractor that fits in the bed of a mid-size pick-up truck, and the MH8000 is a slightly larger small bulldozer designed for larger construction projects. The Struck website also sells do-it-yourself kits for building small bulldozers.

The official Caterpillar website offers a retail dealer locator for new small Caterpillar bulldozers and provides an inventory of used Caterpillar bulldozers for sale by individuals and dealers. The website provides extensive information on the bulldozers but does not sell the machinery directly.

MachineryTrader.com provides a classified listing of small bulldozers for sale. The site also provides a directory of dealer websites and store locations. EquipmentTraderOnline.com offers a classified listing of small bulldozers for sale with full contact information for the individual sellers.