What Are Some Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas?


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Remodeling a small bathroom should focus on creating the illusion of more space than actually exists. Installing built-in niches in the shower is a great way to keep the toiletries organized and cut down on wall clutter. Adding other built-ins helps to remove clutter, and adding windows and skylights allow the room to feel more open and airy.

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One of the goals in remodeling a small bathroom is to reduce clutter. Adding built-ins is a great way to create more storage space throughout the bathroom. Adding shelves and cabinets creates storage space for linens and other toiletries, so visual clutter is minimized and surface space is added. Vanities with a built-in medicine cabinet and shelves on the side also provide more storage and decoration opportunities. In a small bathroom, wall-mount and under-mount sinks tend to provide the most counter space.

If the bathroom is in a sunny spot, remodeling the space with a larger window or skylight allows more natural light in to make the space feel bigger. When remodeling the shower, glass walls help create the illusion of extra space. Remodeling may also provide the opportunity to actually create more square footage if the property and structure allow it.

Not only can remodelling make a bathroom look bigger, it can also utilize the existing space for greater efficiency. For instance, an owner needs to consider using all the space in a bathroom, including high-up spaces. Adding tall storage towers to a bathroom gives a room plenty of storage space. Placing a cabinet over the toilet also adds extra storage. Behind the toilet, an owner can place a hamper that can be pulled out for use without taking up floor space. A small floor cabinet can also be placed in front of a window to take advantage of low space while still allowing natural light.

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