How Do You Do a Small Bathroom Remodel on a Budget?

How Do You Do a Small Bathroom Remodel on a Budget?

Remodeling a small bathroom on a budget can involve changing and coordinating hardware and accessories, repainting with a fresh color scheme and adding interesting vanity and sink accents. Other good remodeling ideas include painting or refinishing the floor and adding unique storage.

Replacing sconces, electrical fixtures, faucets, cabinet hardware and mirror frames in coordinating materials helps a small bathroom look fresh without much expense. Older fixtures can also be refinished rather than replaced for additional savings. Check flea markets and antique stores for interesting towel racks and other hardware.

Bringing strong colors into a bathroom can be an effective way to make it more interesting. The repainting job can include the floor to pull the whole color scheme together. Floors can also be retiled or covered in new vinyl flooring for little expense.

Refurbishing an existing vanity with a creative approach, such as decoupage or collaging, changes the look of a bathroom. Consider repurposing an antique table or chest as a vanity. Add an interesting sink for visual interest.

Small bathrooms rarely have sufficient storage. Visit organizational stores for ideas on how to add shelves, cabinets, baskets and caddies to add storage to a small bathroom. Add shelves above toilets and over bathtubs to create more effective space.