What Are Some Small Bathroom Ideas Using Ikea Furnishings?


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A few small bathroom ideas using Ikea furniture include purchasing an ultra-narrow sink cabinet and making use of pieces that function in multiple ways. In addition, using vertical space in the bathroom allows for maximum storage space.

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Small bathrooms need smaller pieces to allow for the most functionality. Ikea's Lillangen sink cabinet is only a little over 10 inches deep and can fit into very small spaces. This unit contains storage underneath the sink for towels and toiletries and allows for more storage in other areas of the bathroom.

Another idea is to purchase pieces that are multi-functional. Ikea's Hemnes mirror cabinet, for example, doubles as extra storage space. Another useful Ikea product is the Hjalmaren towel hanger and shelf, which has both towel hooks and a small shelf to hold toiletries. Ikea's tall narrow cabinets make use of vertical space in a small bathroom. The Tyngen high cabinet, which is less than 12 inches wide, fits into small spaces but allows for floor-to-ceiling storage on six shelves.

Another way to use vertical space for storage is to purchase Ikea's Ekby wall shelves, which can be installed in the unused spaces in a bathroom, such as above the toilet or door. Similarly, Ikea bathroom hooks can be used to hang towels, loofahs, makeup bags and robes. The Losjon hangers come in a set of five and can be hung individually where needed.

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