What Are Some Small Bathroom Cabinetry Ideas?


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Small bathrooms often create storage issues, but using cabinetry ideas such as building niches between the studs helps to provide additional room. Other ideas to maximize cabinet space include hanging racks on doors and putting hooks on the inside walls of the cabinets.

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Building niches in bathroom walls for additional storage provides shelves for toiletries. Adding an old-fashioned medicine cabinet designed for an in-the-wall installation is a quick way to hide a cabinet behind a mirror. Open shelves installed between the studs provide a modern look to the bath.

Organization makes it easier to maximize the storage in the existing cabinets. Place small baskets on the shelves to keep items organized and easier to find. Add a few cup hooks inside the cabinet for hanging jewelry and hair accessories. Find storage racks that attach to the inside of the door provide additional space at very little cost.

Make use of any space under the bathroom sink. If there is open shelving there, place matching wicker baskets in the space to organize towels and tissue. Place a shallow shelving unit over the toilet tank to reclaim wasted space in the bath. Choose a unit with doors and open shelves to provide private storage and room for decorating. For deeper storage, consider building niches behind the unit.

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