What Small Appliances Does Regal Make?

What Small Appliances Does Regal Make?

As of 2015, Regal Ware manufactures small appliances through four different brands they own, but not under the Regal label. These companies are Lifetime, Classica Gold, Saladmaster and Royal Queen.

All small appliances manufactured by Regal Ware are electric cookers. Most are electric pots of various sizes, features and shapes, but they also manufacture two broilers.

Under Classica Gold, Regal manufactures three appliances: the 5-quart Oil Core Dutch Oven with Digital Probe, the Oil Core Electric Skillet with Digital Probe and the Electric Broiler.

Under Royal Queen, Regal manufactures one appliance: the 5-Quart Liquid Core Cooker.

Under Lifetime, Regal manufactures four appliances: the Lifetime Liquid Core Skillets, the Lifetime Smokeless Electric Broiler, the Lifetime Cooker Base and the Lifetime 5-Quart/4.8-Liter Liquid Core Casserole.

Under Saladmaster, Regal manufactures two appliances: the Oil Core Electric Skillet with Cover and the 5-Quart Multi-Purpose Electric Roaster.

Lifetime, Classica Gold and Saladmaster offer a limited lifetime warranty.

The Liquid Core that is present in many of these small appliances is a technology that enables Regal Ware to seal a liquid oil inside of the metal, both on the bottom and up the walls of the pan, to provide a more even distribution of heat while cooking.