What Are Small Appliances?


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Small appliances are often found in compact spaces where food is prepared, such as apartment kitchens. Many of these are considered basic appliances, such as microwaves and compact refrigerators. Others may have specialty functions, including popcorn makers. Appliances such as compact ironing boards may also be found in smaller homes.

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As microwaves and refrigerators are usually recognized as essential home appliances, there is a large demand for the products in compact forms. Countertop microwaves may economize smaller kitchen spaces, while miniature refrigerators offer efficiency and portability in areas outside of the kitchen, such as offices and dormitories.

Compact cooking appliances range from small in-home electric products to those found within combination kitchens. While individual electric appliances, such as coffee makers, toasters and blenders, may be most suitable for larger cooking spaces, combination kitchens can be ideal for motor homes or to create extra room for appliances inside of small apartments. These combination kitchens commonly feature basic compact appliances, such as sinks, cooktop stoves and small refrigerators.

Appliances in rooms beyond the kitchen include small washers and dryers that may be stacked on top of one another, while some portable air conditioners may be transported through home and work spaces without requiring installation. Certain compact heater designs may likewise operate in various locations when operated with digital controls.

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