What Are Some Small Appliances?


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Some small appliances commonly found in homes include blenders, toaster ovens, mixers and food processors. Electric griddles, slow cookers and coffee makers are other popular small appliances used by home cooks. Specialty appliances, such as Belgian waffle makers, rice cookers and ice cream makers, are also considered small appliances.

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Some small appliances can be used in a variety of different ways. Many support accessories and attachments that make them even more versatile. In general, most small appliances are designed to speed up the process of preparing a meal. Small electronics, such as blenders and food processors, are typically used during the food preparation stage, while toaster ovens and countertop grills are used to cook food. Many kitchen appliances are available in different sizes to suit different households.

Some small appliances have a single purpose. Juicers and dehydrators are frequently used by health-conscious consumers, while deep fryers are used to create restaurant-style fried meals at home. Microwaves and convection ovens can be used to prepare full meals without turning on the stove or oven. While most home kitchens contain a selection of small appliances, the specific electronics chosen by a given cook depend on the meal preferences of the people in the household.

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