What Is a Slow Growing Grass Type?


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Pearl's Premium is a type of slow-growing grass developed and placed on the market in 2009. The product, a proprietary blend of seven grasses, is also drought-resistant and does not require the application of additional products to grow.

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In addition to thriving without chemical fertilizers, Pearl's Premium requires relatively little mowing, according to CNN Money. Lawns planted with the grass tend to need mowing once a month in sunny areas and once every six weeks in shady areas.

CNN Money also reports that Pearl's Premium roots grow up to 1 foot long, as opposed to the average several inches long of most grass types. This allows the grass ample access to nitrogen and water, reducing the need to water it. In fact, those who plant the grass in northern states are likely not to need to water the grass at all, while those who live in southern states tend to need to water only once per week.

The developer of Pearl's Premium told CNN Money that, shortly after finalizing his blend and beginning to market it to consumers, he dethatched his own lawn and seeded it with the grass. The final result, he said, is more resilient, greener and softer grass.

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