How Is a Slide-in Range Installed?


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To install a slide-in range, remove any objects from the location of installation, remove the packing pads from the range, place a slider under the range's feet, level the range, plug in the unit and slide it into the space. Read the manufacturer's instructions before attempting this task.

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Start by removing any existing range to prepare space for the installation of a new one. Remove any padding or cardboard that protects the new range components. Protect the floor by putting a slider, such as a piece of rug or cardboard, under the range's feet.

Level the range by turning its feet clockwise and counterclockwise as needed, taking note that the counter surface should be slightly lower than the top surface of the range. To prevent the unit from post-installation tilting, refer to the owners manual, and install the anti-tip foot lock accordingly. A range with a properly installed foot lock should smoothly slide into the counter top space.

Connect the range to power by plugging in its power cord, and slowly slide the range into the space under the countertop. Recheck the leveling of the range and adjust if necessary. Once the range is properly leveled, remove the slider, and switch on the power to test the unit.

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