What Is a Slide-in Induction Range?


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A slide-in range features oven and burner controls on the front of the range, rather than on a backdrop behind the burners, and induction refers to the heating process. Induction cooking uses electromagnetism to apply heat to the cookware itself rather than through a burner or hot metal rings.

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Slide-in ranges are generally unfinished on the sides to allow for a seamless installation between two cabinets. On top, they are generally a couple of inches wider than along the sides to allow them to overlap the counter. This keeps food, crumbs and other debris from working their way down the sides of the range. Adding a couple of inches of countertop material behind the range gives it a built-in look. Since there isn't a backguard, the backsplash gets more emphasis.

Induction cooking involves the transmission of an electromagnetic current from the cooktop to the pot or pan in which the food cooks. It is necessary to use cooking dishes that are magnetic (which means that copper pots, for example, do not work). The use of electromagnetism keeps the cooktop from becoming as hot, making the kitchen a safer place, and those who praise induction cooktops mention the fact that food heats more evenly.

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