How Is Slate Used in Landscaping?


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Slate, an attractive and durable stone that looks rustic but is soft to the touch, is excellent for landscaping uses such as walkways, walls, borders and stairs. It also works well for benches, patios and waterfalls.

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Slate is ideal for use in landscaping because it performs well in different weather conditions and is not easily damaged by freezing and thawing cycles. Slate walls are excellent for dividing low areas or making a border in the garden. Using slate to build stairs or a driveway makes the property look more rustic.

Landscape elements made of slate, such as benches or patios, are attractive and practical. For an accent that matches the other colors in the garden, choose from among slate colors such as black, grey, red, blue or green. To make a slate garden bench, simply stack the pieces until they reach a comfortable height. Landscapers often use variegated slate for patios or for covering garden walls.

Different sized pieces of slate are available and have different uses in the garden. Large slabs are good for dramatic elements such as waterfalls. Medium-sized pieces work well in walkways and small chips can create a unique and colorful mulch around trees and plants.

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