What Are Some Skylight Cover Options?


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Ways to cover skylights include using UV reflective films and skylight shades. Other options include using basic blinds and attaching fabric around the window to keep sunlight out.

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Individuals who want to keep their rooms cool when the sun is shining through the skylight can use UV reflective films to deflect the heat. It's possible to attach this film in the same way that tint is applied to car windows. This means it's permanently in place, but still offers a view of the sun. Some films come with tints. Alternatively, skylight shades and covers are drawn back from the skylight when the sun isn't shining. They block out the sun when the weather is warm and reduce the need for air conditioning.

Attaching a roller blind to the ledge above the skylight window and adding hooks to the bottom so that it stays in place when drawn down is another option. This allows homeowners to use blackout blinds, which keep the sun out and create a dark environment. Alternatively, there are several ways of using fabric. Adding hooks above and below the skylight shade, attaching drapery weights to the base of the fabric, and hooking them in position allows users to alternate between keeping the sun out and letting it in. Additionally, homeowners can attach curtain poles above and below the fabric and thread them through each end to create a curtain-like effect.

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