What Skin Treatments Can Be Used on Bedbug Bites?

The skin treatments for bedbug bites may include simply washing the skin with soap and water and applying a topical corticosteroid cream, injecting an antihistamine, using antibacterial creams or taking antibiotics. The specific methods depend on the severity and number of bites as well as the opinion of a dermatologist.

Bedbugs are small pests that live within a mattress and leave bites that manifest as small, red welts on the body. In most cases, a small number of mild bites only requires basic home care to treat, such as soap and water to remove any dirt from the area. If the bites are severe and the skin breaks, it may be necessary to use an antiseptic to avoid an infection. Corticosteroid or antihistamine creams also help reduce the itching and swelling from such mild bites, as long as the skin is intact and there are no open wounds.

If someone experiences a large number of bites, or the bites lead to an infection, it is important to visit a dermatologist for a thorough inspection. The doctor may prescribe stronger creams to help reduce swelling and treat the infection. These bites may also trigger an allergic reaction in some people, which requires the use of topical or oral antihistamines to reduce the irritation.