How Do You Skin a Palm Tree?

Skinning a palm tree involves removing dead remains of fronds from the tree. Items needed to skin a palm tree are gloves, boots, leg chaps, a chainsaw, a utility knife, a wheelbarrow and a tarp.

  1. Determine when to skin the palm tree

    Palm trees should be skinned during the spring when there is no chance of frost. Do not remove during the winter, because dead fronds insulate the tree during the cold months.

  2. Prepare

    Sharpen the knives and chainsaw, and put on all protective gear. The base of the fronds have thorns, so gloves are needed. Lay a tarp around the tree for easier clean up and to protect the surrounding plants.

  3. Cut the fronds

    Cut fronds from the bottom up. Only remove brown fronds that are pointing down. Grab the upper part of the frond, and hold it out straight. Cut close to the tree trunk, leaving a little still attached to the trunk.

  4. Remove the base of the fronds

    Use a knife to cut the remaining part of the fronds from the base of the tree. Take care to not damage the tree trunk.

  5. Clean up

    Dispose of the dead fronds. Take them to a landfill, add to compost, or burn them.