What Sizes Do Taps and Dies Come In?


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Taps and dies come in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 0.021 inches to 2.6772 inches for the tap diameter, according to Custom Part Net. Choosing the right taps and dies might seem a difficult task, but you can do it with only a few numbers.

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Depending on the availability of a store, taps and dies might follow a different size range than the one provided, but either smaller or larger pieces are quite rare. When it comes to the aforementioned diameters, for each diameter value there is also a tap size available, such as #0000-160 for the 0.021-inch taps. The thread count, also known as TPI, is mentioned for each set, and it varies from 160 to ~5.

The tap drill size is another measurement that is involved when it comes to taps and dies sizes, and it can be noted the 0.021-tap features a tap drill size of 1/64-in. Although all these measurements seem random, they are actually standardized and many tool shops feature tables with all the needed information, so purchasing the right sizes of taps and dies for a job is never a hard task to accomplish, whether the tiniest or the largest pairs are needed.

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