In What Sizes Do Spark Plug Wrenches Come?


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Sparkplug wrenches are available in a 5/8-inch and 13/16-inch size, and most have a rubber boot inside to help retrieve the plug from the well once it is loose. Using these wrenches requires an appropriately sized socket driver and extension.

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Difficult-to-reach plugs are often easier to remove using a universal joint. The joint allows the user to maneuver the wrench to a more convenient position while still applying the necessary torque to loosen the plug. Plugs use standard right-hand threads, so turning the handle counterclockwise loosens the plug.

Most plugs can be removed from the engine with little difficulty. If a plug resists efforts to remove it, the best option is to take the vehicle to a shop for removal. Attempts to remove frozen plugs from a vehicle can result in a broken plug, which is even more difficult to remove.

Replacing the plug in an engine with a deep plug well requires placing it in the sparkplug socket and attaching the extension. Antisieze lubricant helps to prevent the plug from sticking in the cylinder. Using the extension allows hand tightening of the plug. Once it is tight, inserting the socket driver into the extension provides the torque the plug requires for final tightening.

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