What Are Some Sizes of Rubbermaid Plastic Tubs?


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Rubbermaid plastic tubs are available in a wide variety of sizes, including 15 quarts, 30 quarts, 41 quarts, 71 quarts and 95 quarts. Rubbermaid manufactures these sizes in several styles and shapes of bins, which come both in clear plastic and in opaque colors.

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Rubbermaid plastic tubs in 71- and 95-quart sizes typically work well for storing seasonal clothing, blankets and outdoor items, such as holiday decorations, pool accessories and patio furniture cushions. These tubs also do great as utility boxes inside truck beds as a replacement for heavy metal truck boxes, which can be costly and might eventually rust.

Rubbermaid's 41-quart size is a rectangular, shallow-depth tub that is designed to fit under beds and furniture or on the floor of closets. These tubs are ideal for storing items such as shoes, cookbooks, magazines, ornaments and sheets. The 31-quart model is styled in a taller, more cubic shape, allowing for the storage of things such as files, record albums, photo books and other belongings that should stay in a vertical position.

One of the most versatile items from Rubbermaid is the 15-quart tub. This tub is approximately the size of an adult shoe box. It is great for holding toiletry items in bathrooms and linen closets; cosmetic items, such as nail polish; office supplies; and pantry items, such as spice jars and seasoning envelopes.

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