What Sizes Do Reliance 606 Water Heaters Come In?


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The Reliance 606 series of tall water heaters come in 30, 40, 55, 66, 80 and 119 gallon sizes. These models of Reliance 606 series are also taller than other 606 models, with heights ranging from 46 1/2 to 64 1/2 inches.

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The 606 series tall water heaters are also generally slimmer than other 606 series models with diameters between 18 and 28 inches.

The Reliance 606 series medium water heater models come in 30, 40 and 50 gallon size options. These units are the second tallest of the 606 series, as they stand between 36 1/2 and 48 inches tall and between 20 1/2 and 22 inches in diameter.

The lowboy water heater models of the 606 series come in 30, 38 and 50 gallons sizes. These models are the shortest of the 606 series, only reaching heights between 30 and 34 inches, and are the widest on average, with diameters between 22 and 26 1/2 inches.

The table top water heater models are the smallest overall units of the 606 series and only come in 27 and 40 gallon size options. These units, along with the lowboys, are designed to be used on recreational vehicles due to their compact size. They are 36 inches tall, 21 to 24 inches wide and 25 inches deep.

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