What Are the Sizes of Locking Dorm Refrigerators?


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Most locking dorm refrigerators are about 1.1 cubic feet in size. As of 2015, there are very few dorm fridges on the market with built-in locks, and a cheaper alternative is to buy the fridge and lock separately.

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Dorm fridges can vary greatly in size, from models just large enough to fit a few cans to models with both a refrigerator and freezer and 3.1 cubic feet of storage space. As of 2015, purchasing options are limited when it comes to fridges with locks already installed.

A practical alternative is to purchase a fridge lock from a retailer such as MarineLock. These locks typically require very little installation, and they come with an adhesive designed to secure the lock to the side and door of the fridge. These locks can be attached to any fridge, as well as coolers, cabinets, outdoor kitchens and other compartments.

Fridge locks are useful in a variety of settings. In addition to preventing unwanted intrusions from roommates in a dormitory setting, fridge locks can be used in office settings to secure food from employees. Another application is in medical or science labs to protect biological materials from theft or damage, or to keep dangerous substances from being used.

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