What Sizes Are Available for Food Processors?


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Food processor size, which is typically measured according to a bowl's capacity for holding dry ingredients, ranges from mini models with a capacity of 3 to 4 cups, to extra-large processors with a 14 to 20-cup capacity. Consumers can also choose from versatile mid-size or large food processor models.

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What Sizes Are Available for Food Processors?
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Mid-size processors have an average-sized bowl with a 7 to 9 cup capacity that's large enough to accomplish typical tasks. Consumers who usually prepare meals for a family may prefer a large processor, which has a bowl with a capacity of 11 to 13 cups. Extra-large models, which can accommodate doubled recipes, are geared toward caterers and consumers who entertain often, while mini food processors offer convenience for mincing and chopping ingredients, such as nuts and herbs.

When adding ingredients to the machine, keep in mind that food processor bowls generally hold approximately 1 to 2 cups less than the bowl's listed capacity, or approximately half the listed capacity for liquid ingredients. Consumers may also consider the size and power of the processor's motor, which usually runs from approximately 400 watts for average models up to 750 watts or more for extra-large and professional models. Look for a machine with a heavy base, which enhances the food processor's stability.

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