What Are the Size Dimensions of a Typical 15-Cup Microwave Rice Cooker?


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A standard 15-cup rice cooker, such as the Tabletops Unlimited Infuse 15-Cup Microwave Rice Cooker, measures 10.5 inches in length by 10.5 inches in width by 6.25 inches in height when the lid is on. Sizes may vary by brand and model.

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Some microwave rice cooker models are larger or smaller than the Tabletops Unlimited Infuse model, depending on capability and function. A microwave rice cooker is a kitchen appliance designed to cook all types of rice in the microwave easily. Microwave rice cookers are made of heat-resistant plastic in order to withstand high heat in the cooking process. Built to fit within most standard microwaves, rice cookers are affordable, simple to use and can prepare large quantities of rice in minutes without requiring the use of a stove.

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