How Do You Find a Size Chart for Types of Fuses?

How Do You Find a Size Chart for Types of Fuses?

SWE-Check Fuse Warehouse provides charts categorizing fuses by type and size. Fuse types are cartridge, bottle, slotted tag, bolted tag with a single fixing center, and bolted tag with a dual fixing center. They are classified as electronic, semiconductor and industrial.

Cartridge fuses are among the most commonly used vehicle fuses. They provide extra protection to the vehicle's motor when higher voltages than usual are required. These fuses are also used in air conditioners, home breaker panels, and appliances. Cartridge fuses are available as both general purpose fuses with no time delay and heavy duty fuses with time delays.

Bottle fuses are used in industrial settings. They are found in areas that distribute power and protect cables. They are ceramic and are sometimes referred to as milk bottle fuses. Slotted tag fuses are adorned with metal tags. These tags have holes cut in them that can be centered or offset and can be used in many scenarios.

Bolted tag fuses can have single or dual fixing centers. Unlike many fuses, these must be manually bolted in order to stay stationary. These fuses are common in industrial settings.

When changing a blown fuse in an automobile or industrial vehicle, locate the fuse panel, remove its cover, and use tweezers to remove the blown fuse. Use the vehicle's user manual to determine the correct amperage, and choose a fuse that can handle it. Push the fuse into the empty spot, then replace the fuse panel cover, and turn on the vehicle to check that the new fuse has resolved the problem.