How Do You Find a Size Chart for Electric Cables?


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Find a size chart for electric cables at websites such as Powerstream.com and Rapidtables.com. The first website lists a chart on the "Technical Resources" page, under the "Other Power Electronics Resources" heading. Rapidtables.com has a wire gauge chart under the "Wire Calculators" link of the main page; click this link, then click "Wire Gauge Calculator." This webpage features a calculator that allows for input of wire gauge and material type, in addition to an electrical cable size chart.

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The charts on Powerstream.com and Rapidtables.com follow the American Wire Gauge standard for electric cables, measuring size by the gauge of a wire. The diameter of a wire is equal to 0.005 multiplied by 92, the second number which is raised to the power of 36 minus the gauge of a wire divided by 39.

The gauge of an electrical wire ranges from numerical designations of "0000" to 40; generally, the relationship is that a higher gauge numbers has smaller wire diameters. Thus, 40-gauge wire is 0.0031 inches thick, while "0000" gauge wire has a 0.46 inch diameter. Generally, thicker gauges of wire have a higher maximum amperage tolerance, a higher breaking force and a lower resistance to electrical current than thinner wire diameters.

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