What Size Adapter Fittings Are Available for a Propane Tank?


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Examples of adapter fittings available for propane tanks include 1 3/4-inch liquid couplings, 1 1/4-inch vapor couplings, forklift fill adapters and 1 3/4-inch female fill valve adapters. Others include Prest-O-Lite adapters such as the POL to QCC adapter and the POL with hand-wheel adapter.

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Prest-O-Lite adapters, usually abbreviated to POL, are technically known as CGA510 fittings. These fittings are designed to connect between the integral of a first-stage regulator and propane tank of at least 100 pounds. Other fittings include Acme fittings and QCC fittings. ACME fittings are commonly known as OPD fittings. Adapters between each type of fitting exist, as well as extension hoses of up to 20 feet for camping purposes.

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